Icon in short text comp. show/hide with different shortcuts

Hey, Is there a way to configure the short text comp. to not show the “globe” icon with world clock? ex LA 3:00 with no icon?

But I want to be able to select the weather, have the weather icon and temp.

but then if I switch to world clock not have the icon show if that makes sense.

I asked for the same thing in a different thread and unfortunately it is not possible.

Ron also gave me the reason, here is the answer.

Not sure if this has anything to do with what Darkw1ng_Canuck asked.

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Thanks for posting my response.


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@Ballozi you achieved this with your gilas face. Would you mind explaining how the globe symbol disappears with world clock but shows the weather icon in the same complication?

You have to add two layouts. 1 for Icon+Text and 1 for Text +Title. Removed the default layout(Icon+Text+Title) that is loaded when you first drop the complication.


Brilliant. Thanks for sharing!