Complications what to show and when to show it


Is there a way or can it be implemented if its not possible at the moment to have the complications display specific elements depending the complication?

I set a short complication and the user selects the weather complication all good till this point, when the user will switch to date then it will show the date but also an annoying and useless icon of a calendar will also appear. If i disable the icon then the weather will loose its icon as well.
Same thing for the digital time and date complication it will also show a useless clock icon.

In my opinion those are not useful compared to the weather icon, is there a way to hide those depending the complication selected?

The short answer is No.

The philosophy of Wear OS Powered By Samsung us to have a consistent user interface over all smart watches.

Simply put there are predefined templates for complications that the developer just fills in. So you can determine the size shape and placement

In theory you can change the layout in WFS to show only some components but it appears to me that only works if the complication has that variable too. But there is no way to cherry pick the complications that have icons or not.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Ballozi did something like this. May be this will help you,

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