ID applicazione WatsApp Messanger (beta)

Non riesco a trovare l’ID dell’applicazione WhatsApp Messanger (Beta) che vorrei aprire sul mio Gakaxy Watch4 tramite una text in Action.
Chiedo gentilmente se qualcuno può fornirmi l’ID o informazioni su come recuperarlo.
Ho provato con dei consigli trovati in internet ma non ci sono riuscito.
Ringrazio anticipatamente.

The id of whatsapp and whatsapp beta both is same that is


i dont understand what you have asked for since the forum doesnot have a translation option. But if you need the application id of whatsapp beta to use in custom action to open.

I would advise if your are using it for personal use. It’s fine. be aware that if you are publishing the watchface

then the custom button action may not work for those who are not enrolled in whatsapp beta. which resultantly can turn into bug for them and chances are your watchface will be rejected by wear os team in review

Thanks for the info, it works. Greetings to the forum.