If you need app with 2 languages - how to do it..?

Hello, I need to have my app in two languages, so user can switch languages in my app settings (not globally settings in galaxy watch).

How to do this as simple as possible? I have setting page called “Language settings” and there I have option 1 and option 2. If option 1 is active, I need show to user language"A" for example and if is active option 2 - I need to change to language B. (option1 == “hello world” / option2 == “Bonjour le monde”)

Can anyone help me or get me some hints? :slight_smile:

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Web app or Native C? In Web app you can keep language data in a file as JSON structure and use XMLRequest to load language data on demand.

.net c# with xamarin.forms / essensial and tizen.


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The feature you’re looking for is known as ‘Localization’. You can find the guidance for each platform on the following pages:

Localization | Tizen Docs (.NET)
Localization | Tizen Docs (Native)
Localization | Tizen Docs (Web)

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OK thank you I will try this :slight_smile: