Image moved when transferred to phone

Hi All, i have just made my first watch face and transferred to it to the watch (Active 2). I have a white face for the day and a black face for the night, it changed to the black face at 7pm but the heart image for the BPM has completely moved from where it shows in GWS.

Is there something i am doing wrong?!

Hope this works but here are some images to show what’s gone wrong. Click the link to see the incorrect watch face and see the heart image down the bottom of the watch.


There can be slight variations between the preview window and the watch but not that drastic. (the Editing window can be extremely different especially if you have placement and rotation of images)

Check the image in GWS to be sure there weren’t any tags other factors for the image. Especially if you copied it from one of GWS’s complications.

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