Missing pieces when moved to phone

I was finally able to figure out how to connect to the watch to move over the face watch from the designer. It moved it over, but there are several pieces of the design that are basically missing. I can see them when I am selecting the face in the face options, but when the face watch designed is selected there is a whole section of indexes and colors missing.

Anyone have the same experience and can assist?

Sometimes there is problem with text fields, when uploading from fresh installed GWD. It might help to restart PC build and upload again.

There is a known issue with updated watch projects that use weather content and digital clocks. It isn’t the weather but the fact that GWD 1.8 added more languages and there is a conflict with the buffer for the languages not being large enough it sort of derails everything. It shows correct on the watch designer but not on the actual device. The solution for this is simple, you just open the digital clock(s) in your project set it to English only then reset it to all or whatever language settings you had.

The only other thing I’m aware of is using .jpg files in animation it has a conflict too.

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Unfortunately neither worked for me. First, I do not have any weather. I also tried to restart phone, computer, project, and also a brand new project.

What I am basically trying to do is have 2 different indexes, 90 degrees each. One on left, one on right (45-135 degrees and 225-315). The one on the left shows, the right does not.

I created a solution where instead I have just the bottom half being the index, but still disappointed that I cannot have them completely separate.

Anyone have any other suggestions? Seems like a pretty simple thing I am missing…?

It has happened to me too, But Ron gave me a simple solution
Just rename both of them as something else i.e something simple like bezel 1 and bezel 2
It should work.
It is a bug stemming from an index created in GWD and has been reported to Ron
Let me know if this works

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That worked perfectly, thank you all!