Implement the "food intake" and the "daily activities"

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I would like to implement the “food intake” and the “daily activities” with the WatchfaceStudio - from the S-Health. I read that this is not supported and that you can only display the “steps”. However, I still have the option of having these two S-Health functions output with the preset watchfaces (e.g. “Info-Board” or “Info-pillar”). So it has to work after all. Can someone tell me if Is it possible to create such an S-Health view via the WFS? And if not, why is it still theoretically possible or was it?

For clarity: I know that I can select the apps via “Action → Tap → Open App → Custom App”. But I want to see the content.

Attached you will find a screenshot.

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PS: I’m German, so I apologize if I have spelling mistakes.

On Samsung Watches the prebuild watch faces have access to Samsung Health.

Watch Face Studio is designed for all Wear OS devices and some may not have Samsung Health so there are no Samsung Health access.

In general terms Wear Health Services have a hub called Health Connect once Google Health and Samsung Health both share data with Health Connect then Watch Face Studio can get the data from that and be assured that it is available on all devices. Until then it is not possible with Watch Face Studio.

Bottom line is this access to Samsung Health is only available by opening the individual App. You can do that by adding the monochromatic image complication which adds and icon that can be tapped.

And yes it may be a bit foolish.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you Ron for the detailed, final answer. I searched the internet and made up this answer pretty much exactly as you describe it. It is a pity to read this now, but thanks to your answer I am now rid of the last remnants of my question and the associated search.

I’m sure these watches have a great future and fitness continues to have a great future. Therefore, I assume that in a few years, ways will be found for these watches to give us athletes a convenient and easy way to better display fitness and nutritional values. There are competitor watches and none of them I like better than the Samsung Watch. There are also other options for evaluation (e.g. googlefit) but these are afflicted with serious evaluation errors. I am a trainer myself and therefore know how to calculate my values very well myself and I am enthusiastic about the measurement of the Samsung watches. The evaluation of the S-Health app is also very good and still kept simple. (Keyword: total calorie calculation and movement calories)

I hope Samsung stays true to this and extends the overview for us.

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