Impossible to Report IP Violations

Samsung updated the process and agreement for reporting IP violations, but those reports can only be submitted by the IP owner!!! Why is this?

Before submitting an IP violation, the submitter has to certify “I hereby declare under oath I am the owner of the intellectual property or have the authority to represent the owner of the right being infringed”. So if I see an IP violation, I am not able to report it :open_mouth:

Last week, a theme seller released Harley Davidson and Milano FC themes with giant logos, and they were approved. Under this new guideline, I am not able to report those violations. Why do IP violations need to be reported by the owner? Does Samsung really want me contacting Harley Davidson letting them know their IP is illegally for sale on the app?


Please open a support request on potential copyright infringement ask that it be assigned to me. There are a couple Theme sellers that specialize in Licensed materials and it is likely this is one. However if it isn’t I can check for a license for the content.

The reason you can only report your own is because if a report is made the content will be suspended during the investigation. I think you can see how that could be abused.

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