Fake watche faces. IP infringement

This developer is using many watch brands to take advantage. Of course he does not have the copyright to use such marks and logo. Why does Google ignore this? Unworthy competitiveness. And the worst part is that many people buy it simply because the brand or logo is displayed and the developer earns $$.


Under copyright law, only the owner of the trademark can make a dispute. In other words, Google doesn’t care about honest developers.

Now it’s more than a year that there are so many fake watch faces on Play Store and Google never took any action… It’s just a big mess over there.


Google is always like that it’s not like they acting weird or anything now. I am working on Google Playstore since 2016 they will never take any action on their own until and unless Nike, Rolex or Tag Heuer themselves come and report(Which I believe never gonna happen).

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