IP Infringement

Hello, I have a problem.

I got an e-mail saying that my app (phone app) is infringing Twitter intellectual property.

It is the second email I get saying that I am infringing an intellectual property without being. My app use the official api!

They ask for a “licese” or my galaxy store account and all my apps can be removed.

I dont have (or at least I dont know exactly) what this “license” is. I have an twitter developer account; I have the official Authentication Tokens (i cannot send those); When the user access the phone app he is redirected to twitter login page with my app name in it.

I dont know what to do… please does anyone have any ideia?? or solution??

(ps. the phone app is on playstore, the watch app on galaxy store / it is a tizen app)

sorry for my english

Do you mention Twitter in your app description or use a Twitter logo in your app? That would be IP infringement.

It may be as simple as removing or changing them…

Samsung Developer Relations

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