Suspended because of IP infringement for outdated reason

It is going more and more crazy.

One watch face got suspended 2 month ago because of a word i did use inside my watch face name. I got the note to change everything! So i did change it. The Watch face design, the Name, the description and the Shop pictures. So the possible IP infringement reason was gone.
So id did update it … waiting 6 weeks. The face got released.

And today i got the email that it got suspended again. The reason is the same like 2 months ago.
So what is that!? Looking at old data or what!?

Damn! So i did try to contact “” to solve it, but automatic system send me link to 1:1 Enquiry site where i am just able to Report an IP infringement, but not able to report my statement.

I am so tired of this. So i will try on 1:1 enquiry but which “Enquiry type” is the best for this?

Watch face ID: 000004646178
Watch face ID: 000004998740

Matze - styles4you

The last thing in your description has to be
[Watchface Keywords] Style4you, RC One

Samsung Developer Program

The reason for the ban was not “missing keywords” … they say it is an IP infringement. By the way the Watch face with ID: 000004646178 - have already this keywords inside of the description! So that can not be the reason.

Things getting more wild.

I looked and the description, they did not have [Watchface Keyword] … at the end that is how I knew why it was rejected.

If you have any texst or anything that looks like a word in the watch face they have to be listed. Even if you put it in the notes to the reviewer put it in the [Watchface Keyword] list at the end of your description the reviewers see what looks like a word on the watch face, don’t see it in the keyword list and reject the watch face for possible IP Infringement.

Samsung Developer Program

What are you talking about?
Just check the screenshot. You wanna tell me that there no keywords?
Are you looking at old data?

Ron I don’t want to attack you personal, but when a product get banned for an unfair reason (my point of view) to stay calm is not easy. For us developers means this loosing income. Especially with the situation that currently everything to get re-released needs so long time.

My apology I didn’t see it in 000004998740 and I didn’t scroll all the way to the end of 000004646178 .

If you don’t have my mail address Open a support request and ask that I be assigned attach the letter they sent and any images they may have included. I’ll look into this.

Samsung Developer Program

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Hi Rom,
I am confused about this.
In the image you can see the following between brackets,
[Watchface Keyword]
styles4you, RC, ONE

The right thing is not the following,

[styles4you RC ONE]

Can you get me out of doubt?

Unfortunately I don’t have your mail Ron.
I did already open a ticket about this topic 4 hours ago, including screenshots. Waiting now for feedback.

Review team for Galaxy Store sucks, my app got rejected because it wasn’t searchable in apps…?
Like what does that even mean? The reviewer did not even provide enough information for me to fix it…

Just before i forget it. My problem got solved one day later. :pray: :+1: