Is centisecond doable?

I’m wondering if centisecond (1/100 of a second) hand or digital is doable in GWS?

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I don’t think so, the Tizen API only does seconds and the ICU format only does Seconds. What were you looking for it to do?

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OK, I thought centisecond would be an interesting visual element. Thanks Ron.

You can make such hand in the GWD/GWS using sweep movement, but I guess it cant be successfully displayed on the watch because of the display refresh rate 15 FPS.
to check the attached example, rename it to .gwd (223.8 KB)

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Thanks Peter, it looks doable in GWS but like you say it doesn’t work on the watches. I’ve played with your example for bit, different value produces interesting and sometimes unpredictable behaviors.

360*[s], the arm doesn’t move at all. I think it’s because arm’ rotation rate is synced with display refresh rate. Like those helicopter trick videos with camera shutter speed.

180*[s], the arm moves back and forth within 180 degree on the watch. On GWS, the arm moves correctly.

It’s interesting how the expression behaves differently when it’s uploaded to the watches.

But I think you can fake it with animation…the only issue with animation is the unpredictable starting point of animation. I’ll play with animation when I’m done with current project.

Did you also try the sweep second hand set to rotate 60times per minute? In GWS it looks working.

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Yes, that works beautifully! Thanks Peter.