Is Remote Test Lab down?

I’ve noticed since a few days ago that the RTL page is giving the 400 error code, on all of my PCs.

Does anyone have any idea on what’s happening? Is it related to the addition of S21 phones?

We’ve had several reports from Europe not being able to connect to the RTL US Devices. The issue is data transfer. It may also have caused Cache problems in the internet nodes. Usually http error 400 is a data cache error.
Three things to try.
Hold down Control Key and click on reload icon. That forces the system to get a fresh contact not something cached.
That may not work.
You can try going into the browser’s developer Mode and doing a force reset option
May not work
You can Clear Browser History
that probably will work

If those don’t work
Open an incognito browser window and connect that way. (or try it first)
If an incognito browser window works then you need to clear more browser history.

Hope that helps. If not we need more information.

Ron Liechty
Samsung Developer Program

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Just saw this and then went ahead to clear all data for and, and it now worked. Thanks!