Is Tap to Action Image Change available for Animation


i made an animated watch face few days back. I saw today a watch face with animated background which allows Tap to measure to stop animation.

I had an idea of putting the still image of same animation for tap to change
to stop the animation. But when i checked tap to open image is not available in Samsung watch face studio.

So does that mean the watch face i saw was made in android watch face studio ??
Or is there any way to do the above task.

Any leads to this , i will be really obliged and thankful. :slight_smile:


Hi Osman,
There is no β€˜tap’ option to stop/run the animation in Watch Face Studio.

Thank you for your reply.

When you want to stop the animatian, you have to use a image of the animation and a blank image of the same size.
Put the blank imaage on top of the animation and then apply action to change image and put a image of the animation
in the action detail.

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Lovely . :heart_eyes:

Thankyou so much.
Tested and implemented :+1::+1: