Publishing status: Rejected - Action - Tap - Change Image

I got a rejected release today , I used the tap to change background image option as I wanted to use gradients over style themes. I suspect the watch device they use in testing does not support the tap options and its a Samsung only thing does anyone else have this experience using this option ?

Basic functionality of app isn’t working as described
The basic functionality of your app doesn’t work as described. Make sure to test your app on a variety of Wear OS devices and configurations. Please refer to the [Building Apps for Wearables]

  • For example, your application does not provide 16 color changes as shown/described on the store listing. Tapping on the watch doesn’t change colors.

Check out this Topic there was a solution for the settings to use to be approved. Read the full thread


Thanks Ron ive published lots of faces no issues this was the first time Ive used tap action to change background im aware of the other settings you need to change.

To fix this issue I just changed the devices to Samsung Galaxy 4 Only where before it was list 29 devices and it was approved pretty much instantly and can now be downloaded.

Strangely my next face i also used tap to change background and that was approved with all 29 devices happy to share the links and information i got back from them.