Help! tap to change image to GIF

Hi everyone, I’m trying to make a Ben 10’s omnitrix watch face, which has an animation. So the idea is there is a background of the watch, when you tap it, it would change to an animation (GIF file) but it didn’t work, the GIF file just stay static when you change it. The reason I want to use this feature is that I want the animation starts after you tap it. There another way to make this works is place the animation layer below the background and set the background layer change to a blank png, but with this method, the animation will not start from the beginning. Any idea how to make the GIF file work, I tried “watch face studio” also, but the GIF file stays static also. Thanks in advance

I don’t think that animated .gif’s are not compatible in Galaxy Watch Studio. Here is the tutorial for Animation.

Samsung Developer Relations

Before you get too far into it, you might run into copyright issues if you plan to try and put this watchface on a store for public download.

If it’s for personal use then you don’t need to worry.

Hi Ron, thanks for your answer, but the PNG sequence works just fine, but using the PNG sequence will automatedly play entire duration. So I think the action turns the layer above to the GIF is what I want here, so when I tap the Image above, it will turn into the gif, and start from beginning. Sorry if my explanation is hard to understand, hope the video I attached will explain better.

Don’t worry I do understand the copyrights very well, and this is only for personal watch face, thanks

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An example for the tap to change to GIF file doesn’t work, the animated GIF file just freeze at the first frame, which not what I expected to be. Sorry english is not my first language so my explanation is kinda hard to understand.

Sorry, I guess GWD/GWS will not let you make exactly what you want. It does not play animated gif images as sequences. You would have to enter all frames as separate images.
Only thing you can do with action on the covering image, is to add one transparent image for change with tap. that will make the animation visible, but it will not guarantee it would start in same moment.

Animated GIFs won’t work. Starting and stopping Animations has been a goal of a lot of users.

You can maybe have a Gyro affect that “animates” it
Look at the Complication → effects and see if that can do something you’d want.


that’s exactly what I have done, it wouldn’t start from beginning. I guess GWD/GWS wont work with my idea, thank you for your answer

thank you for your answer, I guess it won’t work like my idea, hope one day we could start and stop a animation LOL