Is there a way to display long text complication's world time time as

Is there a way to display long text complication’s world time time as 00:00 instead of 24:00?

The world time on the phone is displayed as 00:51,
The watch displays 24:51.

I also want to display 00:51 on the watch.
Is there a solution?

I also want to know if this is a problem that needs to be solved by Samsung or Google.

have a good day.

I just tested. Though the work clock displays 0:
00 when you click in to see the rest of the timezones u added. But the complication shows 24:00

Using a third party world clock, like this one

Credit goes to @amoledwatchfaces


The fundamental problem cannot be solved.

Thank you for the kind explanation and good information.
have a good day.

Hi, i used third party word clock and managed to display 0:00 instead of 24:00

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