World time shows 24:mm instead of 0:mm

I’ve added a short text world time complication, and set the timezone to Adelaide. The time shown when it’s just past midnight there is 24:mm instead of 0:mm.

This is on WFS 1.4.20.

I can’t see any tags that I could change to change the display format. Feel I must be missing something?


Use the Tag [HOUR_0_23_Z] with zero or [HOUR_0_23] without zero

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I understand that would fix it, but in which field is the tag held, in the properties of the complication? I just can’t find it!

A… I read wrong. I thought you wanted to show a digital time. Unfortunately I do not use version 1.4.20. I think you cannot affect the format a complication, the data will come directly from the watch/app. Please show screenshots from WFS.

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I’ve created a test case now. Would be useful to get Ron’s (@r.liechty_SDP) input and I’ll create a bug report if it’s not just user ineptitude!

The test case just has a ‘Line’ complication set as ‘Fixed’ with the default provider being world clock. It displays fine in the WFS preview window but in the hour after midnight in the selected timezone the watch it displays 24:xx as the time. I attach a screenshot saved from my GW4 when I had the time zone set to Hawaii, which happened to be just after midnight there…


One other thing. In WFS 1.4.20, WFS sets the “Text” field of the complication to be the time, and the “Title” field to be the Time zone label, but on the actual watch device these values are reversed. See WFS preview window capture of the same watchface below.

World Time Test_1689591197682

As I already wrote, I do not use version 1.4.20. In version 1.3.13 everything is okay.


Version 1.3.13

I have now installed version 1.4.20.
Here I also inserted a complication line and everything is perfect. You made a mistake somewhere.

Version 1.4.20

Make a screenshot from the settings in WFS

Thanks. As you say, it all looks correct on the WFS 1.4.20 preview window, but you see the problem when you download the watchface onto your device.

WFS screenshot below - all looks OK.

Screenshot from the watch device below shows 24:xx


Yes, I just tested it. That’s right …


Screen Watch

I’ve raised a couple of bug reports.

#47096 and #47098

I don’t believe this is a WFS issue but the World Clock complication issue. Does the world clock on your mobile have the 24xx or is it correct?

You can find tons of reports of errors with the World Clock clear back to Galaxy Watch Studio time.

I’ll look into your bug reports

Samsung Developer Relations

If you want to have it right download Complication Suite and use one of the world clocks from that.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron,

On my mobile, the world clock time is displayed correctly.

I’ll take a look at the complication suite.

Best Rgds

Well if it is working right in Complication Suite we will know it is not WFS :slight_smile:

Thanks Ron