Is there logging when Debugging mode is off?

I’m aware of all the logging (.db files, for example) in Tizen when debugging mode is on.

What logging (DL_INFO) occurs in the when debugging mode is off?

I’m not referring to logging that might occur by a third-party developer, but logging that occurs out-of-the-box when something like a watch is just being used.

Hello dmw1593627579,
Are you looking for the dumpstate logs? If that’s the case, you can try below steps keeping debugging mode turned off.

  1. Open Settings>Gear Info>About Device
  2. Scroll down to Serial Number and tap on it five times
  3. (The number pad appears), enter *#9900#
  4. Select Run LOG_DUMP
  5. Connect Gear Device with development PC and pull the logs from remote device to development machine using SDB commands described in this link.