Error tracking

How do one track errors?
By that I mean, how do I get notified when the app had errors or crashed?

I’m assuming I can capture a .NET exception Xamarin out of process. But what about hard crashes, for example?
Or on the native SDK, is it possible to collect minidump or is there an alternative?

You can use Tizen Log Viewer to check error or crash logs of your application.

You can find it from Tools>Tizen>Tizen Log Viewer.

If you need dumpstate logs, you can collect it from your device by following these steps:

  1. Open Settings>About Device
  2. Scroll down to Serial Number and tap on it five times
  3. When the number pad appears, enter *#9900#
  4. Select Run LOG_DUMP
  5. Log location will be shown on a popup

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Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

I’m aware of Tizen Log Viewer but that’s only useful during development.

Collecting dumpstate logs is unfortunatel suboptimal. Most of users will abandon your app before they go through the trouble of gathering these logs to send to the developer.

I’m interested in collecting the errors and sending them to a crash reporting service.

Perhaps a few more specific questions:

With a native app, is it possible to collect a minidump with breakpad similar? Does Tizen provide OOTB some functionality to capture the process state at the time of the crash?

Also, is it possible to retrieve the dumpstate log programatically? If yes, in C#, C++?