Issues with Installing Watch Faces on Galaxy Watch 6 from Google Play

Many Galaxy Watch 6 users are facing problems when trying to install watch faces from Google Play.

Recently, it appears that users attempting to install paid watch faces on their watches encounter an issue where they are prompted to pay again, even though they have already made the payment.

I have received confirmation that they are using the same email associated with their Wear OS device.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

This is a problem (pay twice) that has existed for a long time. Over the last 6 months, this problem has been fixed at some point. At least judging by the complaints from users. I think I had one user with this problem in the last 6 months.

The solution at the time was to log out of the account on the watch and log in again. This forced the Play Store to re-synchronize with the Google servers.

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I encounter this type of issue daily. For example, a user can successfully install the watch face on a Galaxy Watch 5 without any problems, but when he tries to do it from the same account on a Galaxy Watch 6, he faces this problem, despite trying all the tips and tricks.

I think they need to “register” the Watch 6 to there google account by opening Play Store from within the watch.

Also I know when I go to I have one watch registered to my work and one registered to my personal google account so I can’t download to the work for free. A lot of people have multiple Google accounts.

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