It gets better

In the past I had to get rid of a lot of criticism of Google and Samsung.

But now it’s time to say a little praise.
Apparently, Samsung and Google have managed to get a little more organization into the processing of the release of our Watch Faces.

I uploaded my latest Watch Face (TSD38 Roman Classic) on Friday 9/9/22. It was already checked and released today. Both Wear OS and discoverability on Google Play were present.
Then today (09/12/22) I uploaded an update including the companion app - and this was also released and found after a few hours.

Of course there is still a lot of room for improvement, but: Many thanks to Samsung - above all to Ron - and also to Google for the fact that the light is slowly beginning to appear on the horizon.


Yeah it’s getting better. My sales at Google Play Store is going up too each month. Still not as good as Tizen Samsung Galaxy App Store sales, but it’s a good start.

Google must necessarily find a solution to all issues in the installation process … Every day I reply to dozens of emails for the same problem.


There is no necessity for developers to co-upload a companion app if Google (turns 10) is up to date. Google Play should fix the issue at their end to add Wear OS discoverable on Play Store, accessed via Watch, PC or Android devices.


Doesn’t seem fast at all, I feel one step forward, two steps backward. 8 days of waiting for approval, still nothing… Installation is still a mess. People all over the place complain about issues.

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