Your device isn't compatible with this version - Android Play Store

I’m having this issue on the Android version of the Play Store. When searching this forum, I see it’s been an problem for a while. I also see one solution to to create a dummy ‘companion app’.

A couple of questions, if you don’t mind -

  • Is it right that, with the current version of Watch Face Studio, a companion app should no longer be required, and I just need to wait till Google Play has updated their indexing?
  • If that’s not correct, and I still need a companion app, does this create additional issues? I’m seeing some people suggest that the face sometimes has issues installing, if a companion app is used, as it prioritises the phone / tablet install, rather than the watch face.

Thanks for your help, in advance.

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You do not need a Companion App. The idea is it made it easier for someone to search for it.

See this thread posted today it appears that the watch face was released rather quickly and if I read it correctly he didn’t add a companion app until an update.

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Hi Ron.
Without the companion app, the Watch Faces are not displayed in the portfolio. With Companion App they appear there immediately.
That’s the only reason I still make companion apps.

In the Google Play app search, the watch faces are also found without a companion app - that’s absolutely right.

Thank you for your answers.

  • So, to be clear, if I don’t make a companion app, will the Android Play Store always have the red warning message? Or will it eventually go away on it’s own, without one?

No companion app required.
The red device compatibility message on the Play Store will disappear within 2-3 days.

Thank you! I was trying to figure this out from previous topics, but there so much information, and a lot of it’s out of date.

Is there still an advantage to having a companion app, since some people still seem to use them? Is a watch face with a companion app always more visible on the store?

It is. The question is, will Google be able to change the Play Store at all with the Rollout of the Pixel Watch? So maybe the whole situation will change soon (i hoped for 1 year).

But current situation without the Companion App:

  1. You still have the message “not compatible”. Whether it’s red or neutral, it’s still the first thing people see when they get to the product page, and it confuses any newcomer.
  2. Your Developers Play Store Page is empty (biggest disadvantage).
  3. When people search your product, they have to change the Search Filter to Smartwatch or they will find nothing. It is not an obvious step, to do.
  4. You not get listed in any Top Category.

All of these drawbacks are based on the mobile version of the Play Store (32.2.15-21) on your phone, which is probably what most users use. Web Version of the Play Store is working fine, i guess.

That’s great information! Thank you again! So it seems like I need to create a companion app…

Is there any disadvantage to including the app, that I should be aware of? Does it install this useless, dummy app to the users phone? I read something about it affecting the installation of the watch face (but maybe that information is out of date)?

This one I know. Do not make it a download now page or description. You can get suspended for false or misleading app. There is a boiler plate code or link to it and use that.

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Considered over 70% of purchases are through Play search engine, visibility in Play search result is vital to app’s success.

Watch face category seems to be a low priority for Google, most of these issues are almost 12 months old when WFS released last year. Perhaps future WFS can compiles a companion app along with aab?

Google should fix its store for watch faces. Many users complain about how difficult it is to download watch face. 99% of the negative feedbacks I receive are always for this reason. After 12 months it became stressful.

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I’ve now made a companion app, and can confirm it has instantly fixed the issue.

For anyone else finding this thread, I used this excellent resource!

I agree… I am constantly replying to emails and negative feed backs about this.
Also the number of refunds have gone up due to installation issues. Buyers don’t seem to understand why it is so difficult to download and we are the ones who get blamed for it. Some even call it “scam”

I hope this gets fixed in the near future??


Recently i have browse play store many watch faces by different designer. What i observe is, if you create watch face by WFS the dialogue is shown “Your device isn’t compatible” etc. But if you create watch face using android studio this message not shown, just come install button if it is free or come with price if it is paid.
Also one more issue i have observe that, not all apps shown if TAP on designer name - if the watch face created under WFS. But other designer who created watch face by android studio, all apps/watch faces shown when click on the name.
NOTE: I consider above observation based on the weather and heart rate or health info on those watch face. Because WFS not allow to create watch face includes weather and heart rate together.

I’m not sure if this Samsung watchface studio and Android studio observation is correct.
I hv create 2 faces recently in sept using samsung watchface studio.

Latest approved in 20 the sept but it shows compatibility error whereas one approved on 13 sept shows listed under compatible with other devices on playstore App.
Both accessible from web and on watch Playstore as well.

So either my new face missed something or Google did something again to not show.

Here is link pls check
NDAN19 - shows not compatible on app store but downloadable from web like before.

Ndw5x- shows downloadable from app store


When I opened Play Store from my mobile and did a search for NDAN it shows this device with nothing but I click on the down arrow and select my Watch5 and then your app shows.

Do you see that when you open a search on Play Store it now lets you select this device or another device associated with the phone? I recently updated play store but I don’t remember if that was there before or not.

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Thanks for the reply Ron.
Yes. I see watch as other device and I’m using the same account which is paired with the watch.
As you see in video the face is displayed when watch is selected but on opening it does not show the watch.

Old one shows drop-down latest does not.


It did for me today when I did it. I think it takes a lot longer time to propagate out for watch faces

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Thanks for reply Ron.
I’m not talking about search drop-down for watch.

I’m talking about actual Watchface link/page.

Can you give me a screenshot if/when you have some time, I still can’t see dropdown for watch.
It continues to show compatibility error. I’m on latest build for playstore on Android 11.

Just open below link in playstore (browser works fine).

Thanks once again.


Search in Play store

Select watches result

open other devices