Key alias error when building watchface studio

When building in Galaxy Watch Studio, I created a key certificate and password and built normally.
When I download Watch Face Studio and build the watch face I worked on, it keeps saying that the key alias is wrong.
Is there a way to check the key alias and password registered in the certificate, or to reissue the certificate?
In addition, if there is a way to solve the key alias error, please help.

Galaxy Watch Studio uses a Samsung Author and Distributor Certificate.

Watch Face studio uses a keystore.jks (Java Keystore file) and you have to create one when you build WFS project. The keystore path has to list the .jks file not the folder the .jks is in. Default Alias is Key0 but you can create your own alias with any name.
Be sure your password does not include any non standard alphanumeric characters like (/ \ . *) underscore works though

Samsung Developer Relations