Key Alias Problems

I have just got s GW4 Classic and would like to Try out the New Watch Face Studio .

I have used my old Tizen certificate to get so far . I am stuck like many others at the Key Alias . There seems to be no clear Instruction for generating this , or do I have to start again and get a New Certificate for this platform .

I don’t want to try sell Faces on The Play Store . My Faces ar Just ECO ones and are not complicated enough for Samsung .

I would appreciate some help . As a Senior I struggle when everything has to change.

You can check this Generate a Certificate. But if you don’t upload your watch face in play store you don’t need to generate it. Just deploy it in your watch using Run on device button. See this document. Let me know if you face any problem.

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Hey Listen Thanks so much for your response @Boshra . Thank you for the links . I actually got there in the end but I just POG around till I get where I want . I could not describe it to anyone else . I am getting too old to try remember everything .
I managed to get a test on to my GW4 so I am very pleased . I see we have Progress bars . A step up from Tizen . Can I ask you Do we Have Curved Text .
Thanks again .

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Great you did it :blush:. You can curved text. Follow steps below :

  1. Add a text
  2. Go to the curved text in the properties tab and tick the Apply curved text
  3. Curved your text as your own by using Range or Curving angle

You can see this thread. Here sinjae shared an image which may help you.

If you face any problem you can share it here or you can create a ticket to developer support. They will guide you better.


I am going to look at that very soon . Thank you so very much Indeed . I actually work on another platform and contribute in their community . This one is a Bit quieter but I am very grateful for your response .
Since we have slipped off topic a bit may I ask you one more question .
See the Shot of one of my faces the Battery Power Progress in the centre bar falls symmetrically like a glass emptying . I can not see a way to add a tag to the Circular Progress Bar Start angle .

Thank you for your Time :::)))

I’m not Boshra isn’t he great!

What I’d do is have two overlapping progress circular progress bars
Create one with
in the Range Settings
Value the tag is ([BATT_PER]/2)
Start at 180
Angular Distance 360
Direction CW
Copy that and paste it back in overlapping the original if it doesn’t autmoatically
Change Direction to CCW

I think that is what you want.

Samsung Developer Relations

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@r.liechty_SDP I thank you for your response . Also @Boshra for welcoming me to this community with Gifts .
Thanks for the Solution to my silly little problem . Would Samsung think it worth putting a tag in there ( Start of Progress bar ) . We could have layers of progress that shrink relative to each other with no problems crossing The Zero ( 180)
Much appreciated both .
One more then I will go . Is 512X512 px 96dpi the best resolution to import Images . Or is 360x360 px better. :::)))

Thank you so much . exactly what I wanted to do .


OK . Yippee I have got it . While I am testing and making Silly Faces for myself I do not need to BUILD the Binaries . Just send them straight to the watch , which works exceptionally well when you have it set up properly . ( Make a good note of the IP address ) I wonder where the server is . The process is almost instantaneous .

The watch and computer are connected to the same network your WiFi Router.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thanks @r.liechty_SDP I was actually meaning the Server . The Server on the Other Platform I use is in LA .