Keyboard issue, Android 11

As I gave up uploading themes for A12 and my only Samsung smartphone is on A12, I now get stumbled onto some older A11 issues.

Location: Open Keyboard - Input texts - More menu - Text editing - Select all - Check select button

Does anyone remember how to fix this one?
Thank you.

The word “Select” is Button Text Color - I think it’s the dark color…

the background for that box is Common > Background > Background.

The button text color that I’ve chosen is pink, so it’s not that.

The selection and the text “Select” are both FAFAFA, and I don’t have any FAFAFA in Common > Color or in Common > Controls > Buttons, so we can rule out these sections.

All I can tell you is that this is what the tool creates on my S22 Ultra for A12.

You will need to use the RTL to test it on an A11 theme, or ask the 1:1. I am surprised they are even testing A11 themes though.

Do you use everywhere fafafa text color? If yes, change it to d7d7d7

Changing all the colors from white to grey pretty much ruins the theme. And it’s not the only theme with this issue. I basically cannot upload any dark theme now. On A12 I get the Smart suggestion issue, on A11 I get this keyboard issue. And I know I figured out the A11 problem, I just can’t remember where it is. Well, I guess I’ll just buy another smartphone since I can’t find any help.

What’s RTL? And they still test on A11, but only if you don’t upload the apk for A12.
Oh, Real Time Lab. Tried that, didn’t work, or at least I’m not sure how to use it. Tried to copy the apk and install it from the device, but every time the copying stops before it reaches 100%.

About Smart suggestion Issues it gets ignored, they will pass the Themes, the relevant department did something.

D7D7D7 looks white as Text Color in Dark Themes in Real Device. Myself never use FAFAFA or FFFFFF as primary text Color

I just had my first themes pass the Smart suggestions problems. They will no longer test for A11, so I’m just gonna leave them like that. I don’t think anyone uses that message text option anyway.

There are a lot of visibility issues with using white and black for text. On the last response they sent me for an issue, they stated “For reference, if you specify a single color (white, black) series, there may be a visibility issue, so please avoid making it in a single color.