Larger Font for Port Numbers Please

As a bit of an Oldie I struggle to see the port numbers I have to type in when sending a face from WFS to my Watch . The Paring code is a Nice size . If I Enlarge the Font on my watch to the Maximum size it is pushed off the screen . The IP address does not need to be repeated at all as if it was wrong we would have not got that far . That could be shown at the top of the Page and leave space for a decent sized Port Number . I realis nothing would happen like that till the next update .
Just Saying .

I hear you. I have to take glasses off to see the small text and then back on to see the computer but this is something you need to suggest to the Wear 4 Developers Iā€™m not sure where that is.

Sorry, I really wish I knew how to report it myself.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thanks Ron . Seems like you and I are on the same page . I need two pair of glasses for the port Numbers One for the Laptop.