Using SAP over LTE?

I know I can use SAP to create nice companion applications for Galaxy Watches.

Mainly my watch will connect to the phone via Bluetooth, and SAP works flawless (without issues).

However, is it possible to use SAP when the Watch and phone are only connected “remotely”?

In case for example when I go out for running without my phone. My watch has LTE, and it is activated, I can listen to Spotify during my run. In this case, can I use the SAP to connect my watch application to the phone application?

Hello danergo,
If your watch is connected with your phone, SAP should work as far as I know.
But I never try with LTE connection and also did not find enough information after surfing public documentation. You can create a companion app and test it once with LTE connection.
You can share your test result with us here so that other developers can get help from the information.

Hi, yes, I did this: not working when connected remotely.