Leap year indicator

Is it possible to add a leap year indicator, like the one on the Patek Philippe 5016?
e.g leap year = I, leap year + 1 = II, leap year + 3 = III
See example below:

Just below the 12, there’s the little square that says III

I guess the only reason for this in electronic watch is to copy the appearance of mechanical one with all its features, even those which are redundant in electronic watch. Because nowadays the little square can directly show the whole year number without any problem.
Yes there are multiple options how to make this.
For example making bitmap font for digital clock like this (prepare images as you like):

or for example with GWS v2.0 insert 4 different images and make them appear depending on a remainder of division of the year number by putting expression in the opacity field like 100*([y]%4==0) for the leap year, 100*([y]%4==1) for the next year, and so on.

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That is a great idea!! Yes, I realize that leap year indicators are really redundant, but then - it’s a bit of a hobby to do an exact copy of the original watch. I can’t sell it, it’s just fun to make.

Thanks very much for your help, Peter!

This is where I got to at the moment…

I tried to paste this into the opacity percentage box, for each of 4 pictures, upping the =0 to =1, etc.
Unfortunately, each time I did this, it reverted to 100%, for each picture. So what am I doing wrong?

Sorry, Its my bad, there should be 100*([y]%4==0) and so on. I always forget the proper way to put it. I dont know why the smaler or bigger comparation sign is enough once, but the equal needs to be there twice.

No problem, and very understandable. Thanks again!!