Local weather temperature

Is it possible to insert the temperature in the city I live in, and changes if I drive to another city?

If so how?

You can have two temperature one is permanent to a city and is set in GWS by selecting from a map.
The other is the default Current City which is the temperature of the nearest Weather reporting station.

But you can’t have it both in the same complication. With Galaxy Watch Studio and OpenWeatehr.org API there may be a way to mask it so one shows and then the other but you’d still need two complications and the end user can’t select it.

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Is there a video guide I can follow ?

The URL don’t work .

https://openweathermap.org/ I didn’t mean for that to be a URL it doesn’t tell you how to use things in GWS.

The tutorial is HERE

I think GWS is best learnt by just using it.

If you want to program you can get a their commercial API and use Tizen Studio.

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