Weather text (type or temperature) not allowed

Hi, even when I start a new blank face, and the first thing I add is the Text for weather type or temperature, it still gives me this error. I click do not show again, and OK. And I don’t get anything shown. How do I make this work, to show weather type or temperature? I have my Open Weather API activated already.

It’s not an error, just a warning that once you add a weather element, you can’t add health elements.

Thanks for your quick answer. I’m fine with that, and I want to add the weather temperature.
Is something supposed to show after that to display my temperature? Nothing happens after I click OK on the warning. Also, I try to add Temperature text again, the warning keeps showing up even when I tick ‘Do not show again’.

Am I adding the temperature text correctly?

Oh, got it fixed by getting hints from this post:

regarding resolution

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