Use Watch Face Studio on more than one computer

I use Watch Face Studio on more than one computer, and have so far used OneDrive for Project location.
Unfortunately, I cannot use OneDrive, as I cannot use “Run on device”, an error message appears. See attached images

What solutions are there when I use more than one computer and that I want “Watch Face Studio” to use a common folder for all devices?

watch ondrive-50

just a shot here
I know others with a single machine are able to use One Drive.

In your WFS build dialog is a location setting that shows where the build file is placed and it can be totally different than your project folder. Can you set that for your local drive for each machine? Does that work?

If that doesn’t work then One Drive is probably obfuscating the path for each machine I’d try putting a shortcut to the one drive in your users workspace directory and set the workspace in each machine to that as the workspace folder.

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I do not know what you mean. sorry.

The folder I have my projects in is called: C:\Users\steen\OneDrive\WatchFaceStudio - my
and in the same folder is my (foldername Keystore ) "author.p12 and a folder called “.build”

Regardless of which computer I use, I open the same *.WFS file


This doesn’t sound right, when you build your keystore folder is a file called Keystore.jks you have to use that, not the folder and it doesn’t use the Author.p12 certificate. I think that is the issue not OneDrive or multiple computers.

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Thanks for your reply.

I have made some changes.
I found my “keystone.jks” file which is in this location C:\Users\steen\WatchFaceStudio\keystore so it is not in the Onedrive folder.

When I press “Build”, WFS freezes when it gets to 100% and I am forced to press “CTRL, Alt Delete” and swing WFS to close.

Do you know why WFS locks?

Yes I do, it is an error it can’t write to a folder. In your build setting you have the build output folder set to Keystore folder. When you create your keystore.jks file it sets the folder to read only.

so for location set that to the folder where you want the .apk and .aab files located it can be on the OneDrive or local drive.

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Thanks but WDS still lock, sow I have to Hard close the software, and restart it…

Before opening Watch Face Studio
rename or Delete main.log
Windows : C:\Users{User}\AppData\Roaming\watchfacestudio\dump\main.log
Try to build if it stops with no error open the file up with a text editor and scroll down usually near the very end it will be obvious what caused it to fail.

This is a bug it should always report the error but I know when it fails to write it or you have to kill WFS it doesn’t send a report.

If you can’t see any possible error upload the file in a support request and see if they can find the issue.

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