Month # of the year changes colour

I’m trying to make month of the year, but I want the month hand to change the colour of the month # from white to black if possible.
How can I do that please?
this is a picture attached to this topic.
Screenshot 2024-06-08 at 1.20.37 PM

Thank you

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Intresting . I think you could do it with a mask . I can not say without making a test . It would be wonderful if you could post the resources so I don’t have to make then but I have similar . Do you want the Dial to rotate and the white window stat up or rotate round a static dial . Whatever the solution is the same . I will not be able to look at WFS till tomorrow .
Unless someone else has any Ideas .

Yep the dial rotate but the color of the numbers does change to black from white.
Thank you again

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@lebanoncedars . Somehow you have managed to post this Uncatogorised . I can find it but it is not in the WFS Section . I think it would be best if you start the Topic again in the WFS section .

@lebanoncedars I hope you get to see this . I guess you know you copy the test .zip file and JUST DELETE . ZIP to leave the file extension as .wfs . Then you can open it on your IDE .
Also your resources that I butchered to save me drawing something . Obviously you will see there are two tests in the one and you will have to redraw the ROTATING DIAL so the numbers are Radial if you want to do it that way .
Get back if you are not sure of anything .
month dial mask black

month dial black
month dial white



Sorry, I forgot about choosing a topic.
Thank you for reminding me.

Well it worked…
Thank you Russellcresser for all the help.
I know it’s kind of tricky. the file did help a lot.
Thank you again. I really do appreciated.

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Cool . Thanks for Rounding this Up . Good bit of Voodoo Master .

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I was actually doing it the same idea like yours.
But I kept forgetting adding the white & black background below the numbers.
idk why!.. hahaha…
Thank you so much master :joy:

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