Multi-line long text?

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WFS documentation shows the “Long text” complication having two lines of text here: Build complications in Watch Face Studio  |  Android Developers

How can I achieve that in WFS? No matter what I do the text still has just one line.



In the Long Text properties menu there is Layout click on the plus icon. One of those (Text Title) may be what you want. Things to remember…

There is no word wrap
The icons and Text and Title you put in there are just for your WFS Testing they will be different when on the watch depending on what the user selects or blank until the user selects something.

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Thanks Ron! Unfortunately this does not help. With every layout I have a “Long Text” component in my complication, and I can’t get this specific component to show more than one line of text.

And I know that this text is for testing only. I’m selecting “Next event” source for this complication on my watch, and it has a pretty long text associated with it. This text shows in two lines on one of my default watchfaces, but only one line on the watchface exported from WFS.

Yes I do know what you mean. Next even was a bug for the longest time. It was “fixed” in the last Wear OS update. I’ll play with it and see if I can get something other than make your text too small to read.



i have the same problem. Some faces from the GooglePlaystore have two-line “next event”. When i try this in WDF, there is no option to get the “next event” with two lines.
Perhaps someone now knows an solution?


It is one of the holy grails. I was told that there would be changes in complication in the next release and hopefully it will include this or word wrapping of the text.

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