Next event longer text

is it possible to create a next event with a little longer text?
Thank you so much

Use a large text box and It may be that the text and title are mixed up. Also check on what calendar you are using that may make a difference.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you so much r.liechty, I guess I missed that to try it out.
thnx again Ron.

How about scrolling the text? Anyone have ideas on how that can be done? I am able to scroll text but not any text in a complication. That would certainly save any text length issues.

Not sure it will work but have you tried scrolling the text from outside the slotbond and move via time into the slot?

In the preview seem to work, haven’t sent to watch

Hi, @MergeLabs try with the formula highlighted in the TAG. where 1200 is the sum of the lengths of my 3 long texts to scroll. See also the video how it works.

I like it, good work.
where do u TAG the code if you don’t mind me asking you?
Thank you

Thank you.
been done but the text it’s not scrolling.
did you get it working?

thank you

Of course it works, my watchface includes, as you will have seen from the video, a plane followed by Long Title which in turn is followed by Long Text.
The right spaces must be calculated, i.e. the length of the “dimension W”.
Plane 1 length 106W + Long Title length 144W + Long Text length 700W for a total of 950W.
Hence the formula for the scroll (where XXX is the value of PLACEMENT X):

  • Aircraft 1 X= XXX --(((([SEC_MSEC])*60)%1200)-0)
  • Long Title X= XXX --(((([SEC_MSEC])*60)%1200)-106)
  • Long Text X= XXX --(((([SEC_MSEC])*60)%1200)-(106+144))

The %1200 is used to repeat the scroll every 20 seconds, while if you set it to %1800 it repeats the scroll every 15 seconds.
For speed you have to use ([SEC_MSEC])*60 if you want to increase it you have to use multiples of 30, for example ([SEC_MSEC])*90 or ([SEC_MSEC])*120 (4.5 MB)
I attach a practical example, to see it replace the .zip extension with .wfs

hi mayalona please tell me the conditon expression for heartrate and stress level
0 to 25: Resting state
26 to 50: Low stress
51 to 75: Medium stress
76 to 100: High stress

i can only calulate ([HR]<=50?“low Stress”:“High Stress”) how can we express if condiiton is more than 2

Aw really, ya you’re right. It’s working on ur watch. I will take a look at it soon.
Thank you so much Mayalona for your help.
I’m not home yet. Let you know soon hopefully.
Really do appreciated.

Thank you Mayalona so much.
it looks good but choppy.
can that animation be animated more smoothly?
Thank you

Add this to the sec_msec tag


So it be for example


Instead of


Making the [SEC_MSEC] a 10hz update…
The smoothness it can get

Hi @Knightwing I tried your formula with floor but it doesn’t work.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong while applying it?

that’s great man! thanks, I got it working and its way better than my cumbersome scrolling text. cheers mate!

yeah, I tried it too and nothing?

@Mayalona and @MergeLabs

try this


sorry it should be floor not Floor.

Excellent, something has improved, there are fewer jerks and it is a little smoother.

Thanks @Mayalona …i used your tricks …it works for me …thank you so much