Multiple backgrounds

How can I get things like background style and AOD style options to show up in customize options. Where do you add them in your project to have multiple backgrounds?

Obviously you can add an image for background to the bottom of the layers. And the image component can have additional images that can be changed by user customization.
If you want a separated background image for AOD, you can add another image component for AOD background, and hide it in the normal mode. The normal mode’s background image should also be hidden in AOD mode.
If you want to give a customization option to the AOD background image, unfortunately it is not recommended because there is no UI which allows users to check the result of the customization in the editor. Anyway, however, you can add optional images to the AOD background, then users can select it although they can not see the preview how the AOD background will be changed. One tip for this, you would better to give a proper name to the layer of AOD background for example, “AOD Background”, then users can notice what the option change means.

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How do I tell wfs that it’s a background and not an image though? If I remember correctly there is no background option in wfs, unlike gws only image.

Just renaming an image with tap to change option, to “AOD background” won’t enable a new customize tab?

Background was just a name in GWS it was a group of images that were 360 x 360 the same images are available in WFS you just need to increase their size to 450 x 450. You could use any image as a Background in GWS just like WFS

You should not have a custom background for AOD because it could be something with too large a OPR or something that causes burn in but it is possible.

Just renaming an image with tap to change option, to “AOD background” won’t enable a new customize tab?

There is no customization Tab for AOD If I recall correctly like Sinjae said they do show up but there is no preview and the end user really doesn’t know what he is doing.

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I understand, Thanks Ron.

I feel really dumb… I just got home and checked out WFS, its just the styles… of course. Thanks for trying to help me but I should have just poked around first lol.