My account was suspended due to DUNS

I have a question
My account was working fine without having to open a corporate trading account
It was working for more than a year and now it stopped
There are a lot of accounts that publish applications without needing a DUNS number

Can you reinstate my account? I have a lot of good applications and I have been working in the Samsung store for a long time

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Did they give you any warning? Did they send an email saying it was for this reason?

It all changed at the end of last year, it seems that the store at first stopped new and updated apps but they have been suspending content and will eventually suspend all sellers without valid DUNS verification.

There are no exceptions on this for selling Android apps on Galaxy Store.

Your account should not have been forfeited and should still be valid and once you change your status to commercial corporate account you should have no problem releasing the content for sale.

If it was forfeited then it was for some other reason than not being a commercial corporate account.

If you feel you cannot become a commercial corporate account I may be able to guide you on this.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes, I cannot be a commercial activist
I cannot open a business account for companies
I cannot obtain a tobacco register in my country

Please help in opening a Samsung store account
Without the need for a commercial register for companies, if possible

I have been working in a Samsung store for more than a year

To be a commercial seller you only need some banking information. A PayPal account will be just fine.

To be a business you generally just have to go to the local government agency and register there. If you can’t do that then you will only be able to sell on Play Store or a different 3rd party store. There will be no exceptions.

If you can read between the lines here
Commercial Apple developers have a simple way to get a DUNS number no matter what country they live in. If you happen to be an Apple developer then you can use that DUNS number for Samsung as well.

Samsung Developer Relations

Is it necessary to have a commercial register in order to obtain a DUNS number?
From Apple developers

I know that DUNS is required for Apple Commercial Sellers.
But still need the commercial part as well as the DUNS part.

Samsung Developer Relations