Request Commercial Seller Status is 100% broken atm 🐜

Im trying to register for seller account but your system seems to be completely broken atm

It also does not show the business license upload section on first open after entering DUNS, but does lock business address. After error the business address fields are unlocked and the business license upload section is shown but submitting all the information again just shows the same error

Please fix your bugs :slight_smile: I expect a high-quality interface experience from Samsung as a developer as you control about 1/3 of mobile

As I replied elsewhere the new DUNS system was just implemented elsewhere and everyone is registering theirs. The system may be a bit overwhelmed or just not friendly for new users. Use the Help then contact us to get help from the Seller Portal directly.

If you get a pop up saying do you want to continue to do not agree just close the pop up the address is not

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I did as instructed and applied for personal developer account but now am stuck in commercial distribution request in progress state. When can I expect this to be approved so I can start the process of converting the account to a business entity account?



PS: I am not able to log into your forums currently due to error “Unable to fetch configuration from identity provider. Please try again.”


I did as instructed and applied for personal developer account but now am stuck in commercial distribution request in progress state.

All Android App Sellers are required to have Commercial seller status now. You can be an individual (Private) seller but you still need a registered Business and provide a DUNS number.
See this Seller Portal Notice

I am not able to log into your forums currently due to error “Unable to fetch configuration from identity provider. Please try again.”

They are saying they can’t read your DUNS verification. Either you haven’t provided the DUNS number or there was an error in reading it… Latin characters and the country of origin not being correct or readable and a blank representative were some bugs that were fixed last year.

If you do have a DUNS number recheck to be sure that the information is up to date.

I think that the DUNS number is your issue. If you disagree you can try to contact the seller portal → help → contact us

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Ok looks like it may have worked this 10th time

Can you please let me know what this broken UI means in American English?


the user interface is not working. It wasn’t reading Latin characters and when a mandatory field wasn’t in the DUNS profile it was returning Null and not processing it. Also I think it should have issued a notice of the error and not just be stuck in processing mode.

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Thank you for the explanation. Can you please provide instructions as to how to get unstuck and apply successfully or when I can expect all the bugs in your system to be gixed so that application can be possible?

Everything should be fixed now. If it is a NULL entry error that is because your DUNS profile needs to be updated (usually a missing Zip/Postal code) After you update it it takes up to 10 days to propagate out then you should be OK.

In addition it was Lunar New Years last week and a lot of people took the full week off.


Can i edit Zip code manually in Samsung register page?
Thanks !

No, it must be from the DUNS validation. If it is missing or incorrect you need to change the DUNS profile for your business.

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Thanks I can submit DUNS successfully and fill out and submit the application successfully

However when I submit the application I get dumped in some weird review page and do not get any status indicator to the effect my application has been successful? I also do not see any UI element on the review screen to mcomplet submission of the form if it has yet to be completed?

Therefore my status is still “Corporate Commercial Distribution Sales Stand-By” with a blue [Request Commercial Seller Status] button – even though I have already done this many times now.

Cab you please confirm if there are additional bugs you have yet to address that will make submission of commercial seller status possible … or can you provide a step by step screenshot walkthrough of how to submit this ‘status’ through your interface so that I can confirm the same UI is rendering on Edge Browser for me?

While this process has been frustrating – I am still looking forward to figuring out how to submit this in month 3 of trying.

Thank You

I’ll send you a private message, I need some information that you probably want private.


Hey – Just checked and it looks like it accepted my submission!

I guess the console failed to show that the submission was successfully submitted during one of my attempts or the team did something to unblock it on your end

Anyway thanks and case closed. I can now get to the Add New App screen :blush:

Hello, I have requested commercial seller status and now I am seeing this:

Can anyone advise on this?


Standby is good. it means it is being looked and and your financial information is being reviewed.

If you have PayPal it may be a day or less if you have a private bank then it is up to your bank and it may be a week for verification.

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Thanks for your reply,

I still haven’t received anything from them? Still showing as standby

Thanks Aqeel.

I’ll contact you by email on this.

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Hi Ron

You can contact me on *****

Many Thanks

Corporate Commercial Distribution Sales Stand-by

That is the message they give while checking your banking information. If you use PayPal it takes a few hours or a day. If you have a brick and mortar Bank it depends on your bank, Some reply withing days some takes weeks for the to verify an account.

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