New Guy Trying Too Hard

I’ve been designing watch faces for most of my 45 year life. Long before smart watches were around. I’ve always been interested in unique styles and concepts. Needless to say, I’ve done my fair share of design work.
So, I just purchased my first smartwatch (Galaxy Watch) and I am stoked about using my own designs. Unfortunately, my experience in design doesn’t compliment my lack of experience in using GWS. From getting the different elements to function properly to getting the proper certifications for testing. My designs can be complex. I think I’m trying too hard, too soon by using more complicated designs. I say all of that to ask this…Does anyone have any tips or resources that can catch me up in learning GWS so my designs can function properly, and I can actually test what I create? Anyone’s assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @se7en.tribes,
Its great to see your interests in GWS. You can start learning from basic to advance gradually following the official tutorial from Samsung. In fact, there is also a test section in this tutorial that shows how to test your design/watch face on your watch. Check the FAQS frequently if you get stuck at any stage and also you can search in this forum for any existing tricks/solution/workaround or post a new topic.

Please let me know If you need any specific assistance.