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I apply to become a watch designer. The Samsung review team says it was rejected every time. I always want a detailed explanation. however, no detailed explanation is made. They don’t say my mistake. I sent 4 different patterns. This approach cools the person. Has anyone faced such a situation? How did he succeed?

Hello, read here about similar situation


I have reviewed the subject. Creativity is an abstract concept. So what can I do? I do not know. I add the design examples I sent. I edited the content. I want them to say mistakes. But they are not saying.

“Creativity is an abstract concept”
Yes sir you are right, it is an abstract concept.
Here is what I would do . I would check out the top selling watch faces in the Galaxy app store
and then compare yours to them.
Find out, if you can come close to them (not by copying but in terms of quality )
Improve your skills, in GWD and any Image creation /Editing software you are using ,study the trends on social media Facebook , Instagram etc.
And one day they might get approved and meet the Creativity standards required.
Good luck

Who is it creative for? To me, these designs are creative. Isn’t it wrong to evaluate according to an abstract concept?
Thank you.

I have seen worse in the store, but, whether we like it or not, that does not change the situation. Its Samsung store, Samsung rules. They decided, they want to filter new sellers. They did not (and they are not obliged to) ask us to vote about the rule or about the entries on the forum. Sorry, we do not know exact criteria and can only suggest you to try harder.

“Who is it creative for?”
That is for Samsung to decide.
if you see my first reply to your question and if you try a little harder , I think you can swing this in your favor.
I again encourage you to try harder(hint Black backgrounds look better than color ones)
Grey somehow does not have a good contrast with a silver or metal finished Samsung watch.
Do not get disheartened, keep trying
Good luck

Yes, you are right. I sent it again. I hope I get a positive result. Thank you for your interest.

April 2020 Update :
We’ve updated our policy and pledge for watch face distributors in order to protect intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, copyright, trademark, patent and design of brands/creators, and to offer the best curated experience for consumers.

If you are a new developer, you can use Galaxy Watch Designer or Tizen Studio to create watch faces for your own personal enjoyment. All new watch face sellers must submit an application and be approved to sell or distribute watch faces in Galaxy Store. Temporarily, the window to submit an application is closed. If you need an exception, contact

Samsung Developer Program

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Hello Ron,

I received an email saying that the apps were closed today. I hope you will evaluate my previous practices in the evaluations. Because it will be a great injustice. I think the Samsung team is savvy. Because we worked before.

Hi, I got rejected too but with an explanation : applications are closed untill august.

Yes, it’s annoying, but frankly, these are very difficult times with the pandemia. It makes sense if they have to focus on priorities, and accepting new watchfaces devs is obviously not essential or urgent.

We just have to accept that, be patient, keep a positive attitude and use this time to improve our dev skills !

There is so much to learn, it will keep us busy during the lockout !

I had an account before. It was closed a month ago because I used the Sponge Bob animation. I did not knowingly do this. They said I could open an account again. I’m a student. I make a living with the money I earned here. Waiting until August will put me in a difficult situation. Everywhere is closed in my country. There is nowhere else I can work. So I can’t wait. Thank you for your understanding.

What a bunch of amateurs! Please everyone note the Samsung is not approving anyone until August. This action was taken 3 weeks ago, but as Sumsung doesn’t know how to do anything unless they are copying Apple, they release the retarded notification 24 hours ago. FACER.IO is your answer - and your designs will work across all Andriod formats (not just Sumsung C#), learn more…, reach wider, go for it!

Ron, I feel sorry for you.

True, facer lets you publish right away, just does not let you sell.

Samsung attitude in this situation is indeed not professional and shows very little respect to devs.

  • Application process is very opaque and seems to depend too much on the personal taste of the reviewer.
  • Feedback is completely inconsistent as I was told my work was not good enough but I got a mail some days later telling me that I was rejected because all applications are closed.
  • Justification about closing applications is vague and doesn’t seem relevant because closing applications is definitvely not a way to protect intellectual property. If there were problems with I.P. infringements, those problems came from already valid devs, not potentially new ones.

It may push some devs to other platforms. I’m thinking about it now.
Facer and Watchmaker could be interesting alternative platforms. Pujie Black is nice too …

Anyway, thanks a lot to Ron for doing his best to help, nobody blames him.


It was valid for my first designs and I was an amateur. Over time, I developed myself and at first no one is professional. Also, the app is completely wrong. According to the European Court of Human Rights, past penalties do not apply. As soon as I make a mistake, my account should be closed or a warning should be given. It is very bad to close without notice. Yes, it is a samsung platform, but it makes people work. They should not act personally.

Thank you.