New Store for Wear OS Watch Faces?

Not sure where to post this one. It’s quite alarming. I have no account in this website [ Hyperlink Removed] and I was not inform about this. I believe the site owner is receiving payment without the awareness of the developer.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that it has a .ru domain name…
I have no idea if anything can be done about it.

Yeah agree. Just like in Tizen.

Just try open the site and it become empty. the site still running but all menu become empty. maybe someone (who made that site) here notice it, they also make telegram group and make app version of that site.
[ Hyperlink Removed]

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That website has been around for a while now (as there have been others)… Unfortunately it doesn’t surprise me either… If you try to connect with a VPN, the site will display the contents… It’s not clear if are there any “filters” or something like that…

If i set VPN to Germany then i see all these developers watchfaces being sold . S4U, Ballozi, MD, USA Design. HMK, AWF devlopers are included.

Selling branded faces and selling illegally product of other peoples work without permission are 2 x different things. This is really wrong.

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Are they just acting as a middleman? Adding a cost to the watchface then when purchased, downloading it from the store and sending to customer? So the designer is still getting paid?

I think there are no purchases from the official Google Playstore. I found a video in the telegram group Wear-Store Support, it shows the download and installing the WF. In my opinion, the WF are transfered to the watch via ADB. I think it’s illegal and without the developer’s agreement.

Link Video:



Time to add 450x450 #000000 rectangle to every watch face and set opacity to 100% when lang_loc is set to ru_RU.

Also, remove Russia from Play Console countries.


please share with us your tag expression brother. Thanks!

Opacity set to 0
Expression: 100*([LANG_LOC]=="ru_RU")

Be sure to use (") symbol (copy expression)

What about if the watch face has been downloaded from another country and phone is set to Russian language?

I was thinking about this too.
In my phone, I have several regions to choose from, such as Russian - Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.
In this case, this tweak will only work for people who have ru_RU set.

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I’m just amazed and I have no proper words. Russophobia is encouraged on the Samsung forum. Disrespectful comrades - you are not human

No Russophobia, just protection of intellectual property.
Or should we go and freely re-distribute the work of developers from Russia?
It’s ok?

Come on brother, it’s not Russophobia. Russian scamming their own countrymen, that’s a shame for Russia not to mention robbing our sales and stabbing us in the back. I have legit and good Russian users who are my loyal supporters but they were scammed by this website and thinking they are supporting me. They get outdated watch face files and they didn’t get they BOGO claim because of this site. Tell me now who is the disrespectful comrades? Do you know that they are receiving money from stolen apps from developers or offering it for free? Do you know they have been doing this even in Tizen? If you are human, I believe you can understand this. We are discussing what to do here to deal with this bad nature of some of your countrymen. If their intention is to help Russian users install watch face apps in Russia because of payment method ban, they should have inform us before hand and have a better arrangement. Naturally they won’t do that because they already did it in Tizen before the ban. I hope I have enlighten you a bit brother. :slight_smile:

You probably need to talk to the owner of the site and discuss about respect and insult. I didn’t say it was you? Just like I said, some of your countrymen having a bad habit of robbing and scamming again but the victim is your own good countrymen too. If you love your countrymen and you respect our work, then talk to the owner of the site to stop scamming your own countrymen. That’s the best help you can do brother and I will appreciate that so much. And please don’t mention Russophobia here, it’s irrelevant topic. See image below:

The bad side of this is the payment of Russian users will push thru but they will receive a full black watch faces. I think it is much better unchecking the country of Russia in our apps, much easier I think. However we will lose our good Russian supporters there.

Yes, that would definitely cause our old users to lose content purchased before 24th Feb 22. I’m still leaving free apps available there. Unfortunately, there is no other way of protecting watch face content created in WFS from being ripped and distributed elsewhere.

I’m too getting Buy One Get One requests from [ Hyperlink Removed] users. It’s a completely new situation.