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So Mayalona, you mean we didn’t get yet to the smoothest animation right?
so what do u think the best code for the smoothest animation with less chopping do you think?
Thank you

Hi, @lebanoncedars only way is my way. As there is limitation. If u playing with dynamic scolling objects
(Max 10hz)

Only way is to use fix animation of up to 15hz (15fps)
E.g gif, or image sequence

It seem u dont believe me or following the thread
As i already proven there is difference if u look closely

Also i explained why cannot get smoother then 10hz (10fps)
(Smoothness is adjusted by the fps)

Sorry no body can help on this already.

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Yes, I do believe you, I really thank you so much for all the help. I do appreciate it.
But I thought just in case… sorry.
Thanks again