Uncaught NotSupportedError: Tag is not supported on this device

I am trying to read data from Mobile app to Galaxy classic S3 smart watch (Model - SM-R770) . My mobile app is acting as NFC Host card emulator (NFC Writter ) and watch is expected to be NFC tag reader. While following the detailed mentioned here

The watch is showing errror/warning

Uncaught NotSupportedError: Tag is not supported on this device.

I am using Wearable 3.0 Web API . NFC function to detect tag is

(function () {
	var adapter = tizen.nfc.getDefaultAdapter();

	/* Receives NFCTag. */
	var onSuccessCB =
	  onattach: function(nfcTag)
	    console.log("The attached NFC tag's type is " + nfcTag.type);
	  ondetach: function()
	    console.log("NFC tag is detached");

	    /* Unregister the listener when the NFC tag is detached. */

	/* Registers to be notified when NFC tag is detected. */

But error remain same

When I further dig down into compatibility issue Galaxy Watch - Build | Samsung Developers . It seems that none of Galaxy smart watch is meant to be NFC Tag Reader/ Writer and same is not mentioned in any tizen NFC API page about compatibility.

Now I am not sure how to proceed and accomplish the above defined use case. So any possible help would be appreciated and any other alternate to accomplish the task to read data from mobile phone to smart watch using NFC would be highly appreciated.

The compatibility table shows the real information for each device.

According to this table, none of the Galaxy watches till now support NFC tag.

Thank you