Notification panel in the new Galaxy Themes Studio

Hello everyone.

Yesterday Samsung released the new GTS with the Android 11 compatibility and some new changes in the UI. There is a new one in the Notification panel and I’m not understanding what is going on. Creating a dark theme, I choose the dark color as the quick panel bg color, and instead of getting the color I choose (black) the preview shows me a grey background. Is it a bug? Or is it because the new Android 11 has a transparency in the bg of the quick panel and then the preview will show the chosen color with a transparency effect?

This should be immediately fixed/changed to be able to provide all colors for the background. The theme colors should be consistent all around the UI, this light background panel prevents us from doing that. I can already see customers leaving bad reviews for this.

Edit: Just saw that this is now fixed :+1:

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It looks to be a new feature of 3.0, the notification screen is semi-transparent. I had someone I know using 3.0 beta send me screen shot and it’s just gray transparent. Looks out of place with everything else on the phone.

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I know that but I think Samsung could do the preview image better than that. For me, it looks like a bug but I know it’s about the new One UI. For better understanding, they could have added the theme wallpaper behind the Notification panel bg preview so we would understand what is going on there!

I think it’s a new feature from the new One UI 3 but the preview image looks very weird with the light grey color. They should add an image behind the panel notification bg to a be understanding of what it is.

Agree completely, it looks horribly out of place on our store images… it’s not good marketing.

I tested on Android 11 beta (Galaxy S20). And the notification panel looks completely different (many issues. Clock & Date > Background…) than on the GTS.
This is an example. I chose contrasting colors - so you can see the difference.

Also Lock Screen - no white notification icons on the real device.
I reported everything > PSS.

On a screen shot of the lock screen sent to me there is a lock icon at the top of the sceen?

The new update of GTS launched today fixed it!!! It’s now black instead of a grey color.


Yes, better, but still a lot of issues on a real device.

And many other issues…it’s just the notification panel.

Check: Remote Test Lab. Android 11 available.

You can check everything and submit reports.

Updates, as they say “blindly”, will always be with errors. Until there is a real device with the final version 11 [R], we will not be able to make updates for themes. It’s no secret that testers are experiencing the same difficulties.

Unfortunately, we do not know which issue is on the GTS side and which on the Android 11 Beta side. But we have to report everything and wait for new versions. The next beta version of Android 11 will also be coming soon.
And to fix minor issues on the GTS side - like incorrect theme preview (lock screen with white notification icons)
Do you remember the confusion with creating updates for Android 8, 9, 10? - it usually takes months - to fix most issues. But it is possible :slight_smile:

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Had you guys report this issues?

It’s too much trouble to report… they never understand the problem and always mark complete and respond for wanting more information, even though provided STP, APK, cert file and details! I’ll leave it up to the commercial sellers, Samsung probably pays attention to them :slight_smile:

Based on this rejection, there should not be any dark “R” themes being approved right now, because every S20+ will have these issues regardless of theme!

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I’m having this same problem! I can’t understand how to fix it! I think I better wait a little longer to update my themes.

they have approved a couple of my themes but they should not have, there are too many bugs with the tool and new Beta firmware. I’ve actually had a lot of themes rejected, with a total of 22 individual screens that had issues, none of which I can fix. No point in submitting themes right now because even if approved, they will need to be rebuilt I’m guessing. I’m sure they are working on it :slight_smile:

A new version of the tool will be out this week, however I still think there will be issues, so I’ll submit a couple of themes to test it and see what rejections I get :slight_smile:

It’s December 4 and it still looking like bug!!!