Now I'm blocked?

For the past week, have only been able to login to Seller Portal with incognito Chrome, browser, now i cannot even do that this morning, this is truly ridiculous as my PC had been shut down overnight. Nothing has changed on my end.

So what is Samsung doing?

If I don’t log into my Google account when starting Chrome, i don’t get the timeout OR blocked messages.

Using Chrome in guest mode, everything ok… except none of my bookmarks are available, and autocomplete of logins and passwords is not available.

Where can I report this, the portal 1:1 will just kick it back.

Using a VPN gets me past the Blocked message but i still get the timeout

They probably blocked your IP address so VPN would get around that.

I’m pretty sure this has to do with the Captcha timing out. I’ll see if I can contact someone

Samsung Developer Relations

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