Others_fHD devices bug

Hi, there is a great bug in the seller portal. Once I’ve released a watch face I noticed that this one wasn’t available in the store from my phone. I wrote about it to the help center but all they can tell me was to add from the device list the device “Others-fHD - Galaxy Watch Active 2” (because I was using this watch specifically). The problem is that this device doesn’t exist at all on the list. So I wrote again to the support and they added this device from their PCs.
The problem is that none of the watch faces that are going to be released on the store in the next few days have this device selected. What can I do? I can’t click on “publish now” and see the watch face on the store a week later while the problem is from the portal itself.

Please let me know if there is a solution. Thank you.

Cristian Di Curzio

Croma Company

HI Cristian,

There is only one option “Others” and it apparently in some update the portal was not selecting all the Other versions - for Non-Samsung mobiles. This was corrected a few weeks ago but New Watch and updates that were in review while the fix was applied were not corrected.

It seems from others that updating the devices and making a note to reviewers will correct this.

New watch apps should not have this problem

Samsung Developer Relations