Package size increases when swapping media

I’ve been going through my watch face and optimizing by reducing the size of my media. Ironically, when I swap media to a smaller webp and then publish, it creates a larger .aab and .apk than previous. This happens again and again even if I switch it to the same webp animation I just did. The package keeps growing each time I swap media regardless if it’s smaller or the same media.

What’s going on?

Hi, i notice that too…it seem the wfs doent removed the previous image, even when i hide or delete from the canvas.

Each time i delete and add the images just keeps adding.

Why i dont know.

Will you try to reopen the project after closing it?

I examined the project when its closed and saved…i unziped the package… i see all the old.png inside.

Create new project , close project
Open existing project , swapp media, close project

Examine wfs tbh old file duplicated…wonder if click run on device…it will package what in the wfs

Sorry my mistake i was examining the project file.
Assume it will create resulting aab with all those files found in wfs or mark it as deleted

As far as I know, the aab file doesn’t include the deleted file.

If you open the updated projects where the media is deleted, the expected result (delete media) should show now.

ok tested seems you are right @Boshra the resulting aab publish does not include the additional files.
so to @TREKapps not sure what going on for you

That was the answer. I needed to close the project and reopen it to clear the other images. Now I just need to remember to close my project and open it again before publishing. Hopefully the double-sized .aab I just rolled out on the Play Store earlier today passes and doesn’t have memory issues due to it.

@TREKapps I see. anyway memory is ram not package size.
so if the image does not load or run on the face you shouldn’t have memory issues. unless they have package size limits too. but they are two separate thing.