Possible Refund System Abuse

UPDATE: Received a response from Google support:

Our team needs some more time to investigate this issue for you. A technical specialist will reach out to you as soon as possible. Please expect to hear from them soon.

This appears to be a standard reply. I plan to wait until the end of this week before attempting to contact someone directly at Google to report this issue. If you have any information to share, it could help to highlight this problem more effectively. Thank you.

Hey everyone!

I’ve noticed something odd while testing my watch face: you can obtain a refund and still continue using the watch face.

I completely support the idea of users trying out an app and refunding it if it’s not to their liking. However, this loophole seems to provide a clear chance for abuse.

Has anyone else faced this issue, or has it been reported to Google already?

Please delete this post. Its already reported.

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What do you mean? Has the issue been reported to Google? What’s their response in this case? Why delete my post? I didn’t find that this topic already existed on the forum.

Mateo was able to reach someone from Goggle. They were able to reproduce the problem and forwarded it to the appropriate department. This is 2 days ago. This issue exists so far i know for a while now.

The problem is, that this is a Major issue and It’s just a very sensitive topic. When this gets public … it will be a fun time for us sellers. As this is a public forum things can get very fast crazy.

Or try to rewrite the topic so that you don’t explain in the post itself what people need to do.

All it takes is one person sharing it in the wrong place and WE have the problem. So contact Google directly as well.

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Thank you for the explanations. I’ve edited the original post and removed all the details of the process. I’ll keep this topic open so we have a place to discuss it and keep everyone informed.

I’m planning to report this to Google too, but I’m not sure of the best way to communicate with them. Does anyone know how to reach out to them more efficiently?

Man, I sure have quite a few refunds…

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Good afternoon. My programs with have a lot of cashback. Mostly from the same buyer, for multiple refunds in a short period of time. And there are many such buyers. Could it be that they are looking for loopholes in the system?

Yes, there is a problem and Ive reported it too… Just close topic or clear all information (as @matze_styles4you suggested) because anyone still can get know “how too”.

Thank you

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As others have already suggested, please delete the thread. Google “seems” to have understood this huge issue and is taking steps to fix it (or at least I hope).

@Boshra @mikhail

I wonder what kind of people you think Visit this Forum . I think you will find that People get these Hacks from a completely different source . I would have a look a the Facebook Pages for that kind of Abuse . I am quite certain the types you are talking about don’t give a shit about Making and Publishing Faces .

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I agree with @russellcresser, and I’ve edited the original post to remove specific details.

However, I believe that concealing the issue won’t solve it or protect us. The financial impact on Google might be insignificant, prompting no rush to fix it, but the potential reputation damage is far greater: this is a significant breach in their financial procedures, leaving all developers vulnerable. It might require a different approach to address effectively.

For those who have already reported the issue to Google, please share with everyone:

  • When you first noticed the problem
  • When you reported it to Google
  • Google’s response
  • The current status of their actions

Gathering information on this issue may help us find a better solution. Thank you, everyone.


In case you didn’t know: the edit history of each post is public. So you can’t hide information by rewriting your posts.


This is strange. But thank you for bringing this up, I didn’t know this

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Click on Edit History .

Hey there! Could you please share when you reported this to Google and what was their response? If possible, could you find an issue ID? I’m planning to collect information and try to reach out to people at Google directly.

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I’m planning to collect information and try to reach out to people at Google directly. Could you please share when you reported this to Google and what was their response?

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Hi, about 18th march… now under investigation.