Precise Progress Bars Placement

The range presets are easy to use. But it is quite difficult to place it precisely outside of the presets.

For example, I can’t figure out how to place this example precisely. Can someone explains how to do it? Thanks.


Lock it first then use the rotate for the image and set the start and stop settings.

Does that make sense?


The problem is when you set the start and stop settings, in this case 168 and range 30. The entire progress bar shifted and cropped.

450 by 450 curvature centered
I set it for 168 start angular distance 30 and align bottom and it looks right for me.

next segment still a 450 x 450 curvature Start 198 30 distance and align to bottom then I had to tweek it up to line up with the previous segment.

Does that make sense and work for you?


That helps a lot when you want the progress bar tangent to the edge. In my case, I want it offset from edge. This gets tricky because the inner pivot behaves differently when you drag the object with cursor VS input the value into its parameter fields.

When you click and drag the object (progress bar in this case), the pivot moves with it. But the pivot moves independently from its object when you type in the value in its X and Y parameters which is handy when you want set pivot at a specific position.

But I feel that it needs a ‘free move’ option check box to lock the pivot with its object. So the pivot only moves independently when the option is checked. Otherwise placing object precisely is a challenge, because you can only drag the object to get its pivot to the center of 450x450. It’s quicker just type in 225 into pivot’s X and Y parameter.

I see what you want now. I think someone else suggested this if not I’ll add it. In the meantime it may be much easier just to create your own progress bar. have the background ring rotate to uncover the visible ring.

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