Preview does nothing, hands don't move

Out-of-the-box default settings, hands do not move on preview.
Hands do not move even with pre-made Samples projects.
I’ve tried creating my own from scratch, and same issue.
I’ve restarted my laptop after install, still does not work.

Steps to reproduce

  1. New Project
  2. Choose sample project e.g Camping
  3. Set 1H/sec on the time slider
  4. Play Run Preview button
    Result: time slider progresses quickly, but hands do not move.
    Image is taken during running of preview

Operating System
Windows 11
Watch Face Studio 1.3.13

it’s not a preview, please check attached screenshot how to run preview

Your image is the design window it doesn’t change. the preview window is hidden.
There is a little button with a finger over it in white. When it is White the preview is hidden.
Once the preview is seen it will move with the slider settings.

Also after you show it by click on the finger, in the right side of Circle Type is an pop out box tap on it (it may be at the top or the bottom)

Show hide run

After it pops open you can run it like a normal video run button.

Hope this helps, and I agree it is not intuitive.

Samsung Developer Relations